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Valam Nidhi Limited, is a Public limited Nidhi company and it was established in 27th September 2018.The company is Registered under the Companies Act 2013, functioning under the rule 18 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014] – Regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) – Government of India.

Valam Nidhi Limited started by a group of professionals from diverse areas in financial industry. The promoters are ably supported by a dynamic group of young professionals working in Valam Nidhi Limited and a solid group of shareholders, who come from diverse business and professional backgrounds.

Valam Nidhi Limited originated from deep understanding of member requirements from decades of professional experience of the promoters and an urge to provide innovative and modern products to meet those member requirements with unparalleled service standards in the industry. With this aim in mind, we have ensured that even the first-time members of Valam Nidhi Limited shall find the transactions to be secured and easy, while availing the best rates in the industry. For those who would like to avail deposit services we have a bouquet of products, included Fixed Deposits, Savings Deposits and Recurring Deposits, with attractive interest rates.

In fixed deposit we have 4.50% Minimum rate and 10.00% Maximum rate in Regular FD and 5.00% Minimum rate, 11.00% Maximum rate in Senior Citizen FD. All our deposit interests are cumulated monthly to provide maximum interest gain to our members. Valam Nidhi Limited is a company which aims at developing its business on a fast track and that focusing on deposit mobilisation shall be its primary effort. Such mobilised deposits shall be deployed in a proper manner and shall be used to yield interest to be utilised for upbringing the business and to build a strong institution.

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